C3 Day 2017 workshops

Workshop topics

#1: Mental Health Awareness and Support

Mental Health Signs

Are these feelings normal or are these warning signs of mental problems?

#2: Bringing Joy to the Elderly
  • What is Befriending?
  • The objectives of the Befriending Services
  • Role & Responsibilities of a Befriender
  • Criteria of a Befriender
#3: Youth Mentoring

ACE’s mission is to nurture and empower the young for social responsibility through the three core values: Charity, Compassion and Care.

We strongly believe that mentoring is one of the more impactful ways to develop and nurture an individual in depth.

Come & learn how to mentor youths

#4: Phonics 101
    Workshop will cover the following topics:
  • What is phonics about?
  • The role of phonics in reading
  • The basic phonics sounds
#5: Rethinking Ageing

11:15 am session will be conducted in Mandarin


#6: I can't live without it – Engaging the IT & Gaming Generation I Can’t Live Without It – Engaging the IT & Gaming Generation

There is a growing prevalence of mobile gadget usage in Singapore. Pre-school toddlers are being nanny-ed with smart mobile devices. Primary school children are pressurizing their parents to buy them a smartphone. And more than 90% of youths own a smartphone by the time they are 13 years old. 50% of them own at least two or more gadgets, such as a smartphone, laptop, tablet or portable audio device.

Children and youths are spending more time playing games, communicating on social media platforms and accessing media content, thus the need to develop strong ability to navigate these platforms safely and effectively. Many parents also struggle to understand how to establish clear boundaries with regards to the use of these mobile tech devices.

    Through the workshop, our speaker will empower the participants with :
  1. The awareness of prevalent online trends
  2. Simple and practical parenting approaches to help their children and youths manage their online and gaming habits
  3. Develop a healthy cyber culture at home
  4. Foster good relationship between parents and child through the use of technology

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