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The GROW (Gain Reading, Oral & Writing skills) programme is a structured reading support programme to help children acquire reading skills in English.

This programme is not a tuition class. The lessons do not cover the school curriculum but are aimed at developing literacy skills in English.

The GROW lessons are organized in two 15-lesson modules and conducted in small group instruction.

The weekly GROW lessons (90 min) will help the children:

  • develop phonological awareness and build phonics skills to lay the foundation for word recognition,
  • develop familiarity with essential vocabulary items to aid reading fluency,
  • build reading comprehension skills and develop reading interest through the use of graded readers

Why do some children who attend preschools still need extra support?

  • Children respond differently to the standard lessons taught in a class of 20-25 children.
  • Some children do not receive adequate home support, especially non-English speaking home environment.
  • Some children learn at a slower pace and require more individual attention.

Without a good grasp of English literacy, the child will have difficulty coping with the academic demands of school. 

Who will benefit from the GROW programme? GROW Hao Hsing Resize 65 KB

The students who will benefit from GROW are preschool children who lack grade-appropriate reading proficiency to cope with the academic demands as they start primary school as well as children who have started primary school but are still struggling to read.

How will the GROW programme help the students?

The GROW programme adopts the Response-to-Intervention (RTI) methodology which emphasizes:

  • systematic screening,
  • tiered intervention and
  • progress monitoring

GROW students show significant progress in their phonics skills, word recognition ability as well as in their reading fluency. They benefit greatly from the close attention they receive in the small group instruction as well as the systematic and differentiated lessons that cater to their learning needs.

What do people say about the GROW programme?

Mrs Lim Mui In, mother of Ryan Lim Yi Xin (Care Corner, St George’s)

I wish to express my deep felt thanks to you for teaching my son, Ryan Lim, through the GROW literacy programme.I’ve noticed marked improvement in Ryan’s reading ability.  At the beginning of this year he was quite poor in sight words and phonics.  Now he reads fluently and takes interest in storybooks and even science magazines and books.  He enjoys reading about animals and longer stories with little help.  He reads readily and quite independently.  Quite amazing!

 Appreciate your patience and great care in teaching Ryan.  Thank You!

Mrs Grace Low, mother of  Chloe Low Ying Wen (Calvary Baptist Kindergarten)

My girl, Chloe, had been attending the GROW literacy class since the beginning of this year.
I've seen tremendous improvement in terms of her recognition of words as well as her reading skills. She has definitely gained so much more self confidence compared to last time. She is now willing to try and pronounce unfamiliar words and would pick up a book to read by herself.

I would like to thank all the helpers and teachers of this program and it is through this program that Chloe is now able to read a book without much assistance.

Mrs Jesslyn Ho, mother of Zanna Ho Zi Xuan (Calvary Baptist Kindergarten & P1 GROW)

I would like to thank GROW for being part of my daughter, Zanna's learning journey during her K2/P1 years. She used to be weak in her English and barely able to read on her own. With the help of the GROW programme, she began to show significant improvement. We are very appreciative of the team of dedicated teachers who have made positive impacts to Zanna's learning journey through their nurturing efforts and tender patience.

Mrs Kelysey Kwok, mother of Kenneth Kwok (Calvary Baptist Kindergarten)

Thank you for the update on Kenneth's development in the Programme. I would like to express my sincere gratitude and many thanks towards the teachers who help Kenneth improve his reading ability. Kenneth really looking forward to the lessons and always told me that he enjoyed the lessons so much.

Thank you and your teachers again. All of you really did a fantastic job.


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