About the Befriending programme

Befriending programme seeks to offer supportive, reliable relationships through volunteer befrienders to people who would otherwise be socially isolated. 

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Description of programme structure/activities

Befriending service involves befrienders (volunteer) making weekly visits to our befriendees’ (seniors) residences to offer them friendship, social and psycho-emotional support.

We reach out to and engage lonely seniors (65 years old and above) through home visits and coordinate social activities for them with the help of volunteers.

Ancillary services for our clients

Where possible our volunteers also provide support in the following areas:

  • Reading of letters.
  • Medical Escort (Escort to hospitals, polyclinics).
  • Grocery shopping for seniors who are frail.

The need for the programme

Many elderly (above age 65) live alone or are left alone during the day while their children are at work. Even when the elderly live with others in the household they are often left alone as relationships may be estranged or their housemates maybe busy with their own work and lives.

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Description of target clients

If you are above 65 years old and live alone or feel neglected by your family members you may wish to contact us to explore how we can be of help.

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Outcome/Benefit of the programme

We seek to lift the spirit of the elderly by engaging them to be involved and active in the community. The aim is to help the senior’s age in place gracefully and in dignity in their golden years. Through such visits, our befrienders provide social and psycho-emotional support to our seniors. At the same time, the befrienders can monitor their welfare and living environment to ensure they age gracefully and with dignity in their golden years.


Alice Tan 93 years old and Daisy Wee 71 years old (Befriending Mother and Daughter)

Alice and Daisy are happy with and always looking forward to our visits. Daisy is grateful as she gets to run errands. They are happy to be able to get out at least once a week. The SMU student volunteers are warm and friendly, personal and helpful.  Their concern and efforts in making time for these ladies have touched Alice and Daisy.  Despite language being a problem for a few initially, that did not prove to hinder the communication barrier to be broken soon enough for the ladies to enjoy chatting away.  Outings and activities organised by C3 have led to less boredom.  Daisy cannot stop praising Abigail for her efforts.  Alice shows her gratitude by her joy whenever she sees Abigail.

Tan Chwee Lian, 78 years old, wheelchair-bound befriending

Mdm Tan enjoyed the befriending service greatly because of the company.  She enjoys talking to Mr and Mrs Teo (our Befriending Volunteers) because they are of the same age. Mr & Mrs Teo also brought Mdm Tan to East Coast Park. She enjoyed herself. She said she hasn’t been to the park in a very long time.  She keeps saying how greatful she is for bringing her out as she hasn’t been to an outing for quite some time.

Active Aging

Our Active Aging programme encourages seniors to stay healthy and active, both physically and mentally. Through a wide array of activities we seek to engage the seniors and enrich their life experiences.

We seek ambulant elderly aged 65 years and above who are seeking to be active and engaged in the community.  If you have some spare time on your hands do come and join us for our activities.

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Senior enjoying Karaoke session.


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