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We run PACE youth drop-in centres in partnership with People’s Association (PA) and MACE centres in partnership with secondary schools (M.O.E.) at various locations around Singapore.

ACE – Aspiration, Confidence, Excellence
We believe resilient youths have aspirations and confidence, and strive for excellence.

The ACE Mission: Connecting and Impacting Youths, Influencing Communities.

The ACE Vision: We want to see generations of resilient youths who are positively connected, impactful and influential.

The ACE approach:
Engage with authenticity
Enrich with exposure
Empower with responsibilities

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Objectives of Drop-in centres
  • Promote social interaction and participation in activities after school in a safe and comfortable environment
  • Provide avenues for youths to seek assistance and counselling
  • Develop character and social-emotional competencies
  • Promote a greater sense of community-connectedness and belonging
  • Provide platforms and opportunities for youths to develop leadership qualities, communication and social skills through their involvement in planning and executing of the centres’ programmes and activities
  • Provide a conducive study space and academic coaching
  • Explore career and future prospects with mentoring guidance
Opening Hours

Potong Pasir CC, MPR 1 & 2
– Every Monday and Wednesday, 2 pm to 5 pm
– Every Friday, 1 pm to 4 pm
– Closed on PH, special events or during school holidays

Marsiling CC,#01-02
– Monday to Friday, 2.30 pm to 6 pm (during school terms),
– Closed on PH or special events


Our dedicated Youth Workers and Volunteer Activity Facilitators conduct relevant and engaging activities for our youths.

These activities range from:

  • Overnight round-island cycling
  • Barbeques
  • Escape rooms
  • Multi-sport Competitions
  • E-Sports Tournaments
  • Laser Tag Battles
  • Trampolining
  • Obstacle course runs
  • Prawning
  • Learning Journeys
  • Fun Camps

… and more!

PACE & MACE Centres

1. PACE @ PPCC: Potong Pasir CC, MPR 1 & 2
2. PACE @ MARS: Marsiling CC, #01-02
3. MACE @ Broadrick Secondary
4. MACE @ CHIJ St Theresa’s Convent
5. MACE @ Fuhua Secondary
6. MACE @ Guangyang Secondary
7. MACE @ Northbrooks Secondary
8. MACE @ St Anthony’s Canossian Secondary
9. MACE @ St Andrew’s Secondary
10. MACE @ Tampines Secondary
11. MACE @ Woodlands Secondary
12. MACE @ Yio Chu Kang Secondary
13. MACE @ Yuan Ching Secondary
14. ACE(Junior) @ Xingnan Primary

How can I/my child register for PACE or MACE?

Join Club ACE

If you/your child attends one of our MACE Partner schools, you may approach the school to find out more on how to enrol your child in the After-School Engagement (ASE) programme.

Operating hours vary for MACE centres, please check with the school.

My school/organisation is interested in setting up a youth centre, is this something you can help with?

Yes, we will be glad to partner with you to set up a youth centre.

Leveraging on our experience in running youth drop-in centres, we will help develop a centre and programme based on your needs. We can also provide youth workers to assist in the running of your new centre and programme.

Do contact us at 6281 1866 or email with the header Partnership Inquiries: Drop-in Centres to explore this option with us.

My institution/organisation is interested in volunteering, how can we sign up?

Firstly, thank you for stepping forward to help!

We are always in need of volunteers and your organisation can contribute in many ways. We currently accept volunteers from institutions of higher learning and organisations to help us as Youth Activity Facilitators, Mentors and Academic Coaches. Click here to find out more about these roles.

Do contact us at 6281 1866 or email with the header Volunteer Inquiries: Drop-in Centres to explore this option with us, or click here to look at partnership for causes.

ACE (Resilience) is a strengths-based programme that focuses on building life skills and character of youths in neighbourhood schools. Weekly engagement sessions are customised to fit the needs of a focused group of students in a non-classroom setting.

What is typically covered in the ACE (Resilience) programme?

We offer a range of customizable modules based on your needs. These modules cover topics such as identity formation, development of social skills and problem-solving skills.

My school/organisation is interested in ACE (Resilience), how can we find out more?

Contact us at 6281 1866 or email us at with the heading Partnership Inquiries: ACE (Resilience) and we will get in touch with you!

RACE (Reaching Academic & Character Excellence) is a mentoring and academic coaching programme in which mentees are placed in a group which forms their emotional support base.

It is currently held in our office on Wednesday evenings from 7PM to 9PM.

How can I/my child join the RACE programme?

If you would like to make any enquiries regarding RACE, please contact us at 62811866 or email

RACE Sign Up

Do I need to pay for this programme?

There is an initial $20 material and admin fee, followed by a monthly $10 group benefit fee. The initial fees go into purchasing materials such as assessment books for the two main subjects covered; English and Mathematics. Subsequent fees are for the snacks, drinks and outings organised.

If you require financial assistance, we will be able to offer further subsidies.

We organise a variety of youth events throughout the year to engage our youths and their friends. Do look forward to our annual night-cycling event, Camp ACE, as well as many other ad-hoc activities!

What are some youth events that I can join?

ACE Night Cycling is an overnight cycling adventure that is typically held once or twice a year. (March and September holidays).

ACE Night cycling tests the mental endurance of the youths by challenges them to finish as much of the entire round-island route as possible.

Camp ACE is an annual resilience-themed camp that is open to all youths between 12 – 17 years of age. (At the end of the year)
Camp ACE seeks to engage youths through rigorous but fun activities that challenge their physical, mental and socio-emotional skills in a safe environment outdoors and indoors. Activities conducted range from an island-wide Amazing Race, laser tag to endurance hikes.

How can I sign up for Camp ACE?

Due to the current Covid-19 regulations, Camp ACE will not commence in 2021.

Be a volunteer

Would you like to volunteer in this programme?